Sunmi K2 is an advanced self-service kiosk system,
which allows self-service ordering or payment.

It is an ideal tool for digitizing the ordering process. The 24 "touch screen with a resolution of 1080 × 1920 has wide viewing angles and very simple operation. The device is also equipped with a thermal printer with a cutter and a 1D / 2D scanner.

Sunmi K2

K2 allows you to read NFC cards as well as 1D / 2D codes from printed templates or displays of mobile devices. there is also an 80mm printer.

Sunmi K2

Stand with a storage area can be purchased for the K2.

Sunmi K2

K2 can be equipped with a camera, microphone or cameras for capturing faces.

Sunmi K2

Díky VESA držáku je možné K2 snadno uchytit i na zeď.

In addition to the standard mode, the Sunmi K2 also offers several other mounting methods (the VESA standard is not missing), which further increases its versatility. The device is suitable for various operations from fast food stalls through gas stations to waiting rooms.


OSAndroid 7.1
ProcessorSix-core 1,8 Ghz
LCD24“, 1080 × 1920
Memory cardsmicro SD, max 128 GB
Wi-Fi802.11 a/b/g/n, 2,4/5 Ghz
Ports1x micro-USB (debug)
5x USB A
1× RJ45
1× power
Printer80mm thermoprinter
Printing speed150 mm/s
Weight58 kg (stand with table)
45 kg (standard stand)
16,5 kg (wall mount)
Dimensions394 × 171 × 1017 mm (wall mount)
540 × 490 × 1850 mm (standard stand)
1018 × 645 × 1850 mm (stand with table)
Scanner1D, 2D, mobile displays
3D Face recognition camera
Document scanner
Payment terminal holder

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